Our mission

To deliver groundbreaking digital health solutions leveraging hand-gesture detection for rehabilitative healthcare and well-being enhancement. Somatix ultimately aims to enable enterprises, health insurance providers, clinics, hospitals and elderly caregivers, among others, to cost-effectively monitor, determine and improve the physiological and emotional state of those under their care.

Our target markets

Existing and prospective customers in a range of markets have long realized that it’s financially less demanding – and more socially responsible and humane – to invest in maintaining ongoing well-being, than it is to treat and cure health-challenged individuals.
Maintaining employee benefit programs of enormous financial burden.
Key challenge(s):
The need to reduce costs without compromising healthcare service and support quality.
Health insurance
Payors tasked with financial coverage for medical treatments.
Key challenge(s):
Profitability eroded by mounting healthcare reimbursements; the need to modernize processes and data, and support dynamic, pricing, all while reducing costs.
Clinics &
Providers of healthcare services under changing payment arrangements.
Key challenge(s):
The need to meet the highest healthcare standards and achieve financial optimization amidst regulatory uncertainty.
Aiding a globaly shifting and constantly growing demographic of aging individuals.
Key challenge(s):
The need to remotely monitor elderly people's ADL (Activity of Daily Living), for uncompromising service at reasonable cost.

The Somatix BMD (Body Motion Data) platform

Somatix BMD is an end-to-end platform enabling body motion detection, tracking, analysis and management. It is based on the realization that precision tracking of body motion, and specifically hand gestures, is the key to determining, sorting through and comprehending lifestyle indicators that can impact a person’s physical and emotional state.

The platform allows organizations to remotely maintain continuous, bi-directional contact with those under their care-tracking, filtering and examining massive volumes of motion data in real time.


Key Somatix BMD management platform operational cycle stages

Information gathering

Wearable-embedded sensors are constantly monitored to identify, extract and upload determined motion data to the cloud, then correlate it with user-specific information.

Big Data structuring
& pattern recognition

Motion data is structured (i.e. what, when, where, why, with whom and how often a gesture is made) and subjected to adaptive machine learning for accurate identification of significant behavior patterns.

Analytical methods
& insight generation

The information acquired is subjected to detailed analysis and cross-referenced with the user’s profile, location and activities history, for generation of relevant conclusions and insights.


Insights are translated to actionable CBT principle-based recommendations, with Somatix’s proprietary SERF (Social, Emotional, Rational and Financial) engine issuing varying personalized incentives.

“Rinse & repeat”

Behavior modifications are measured and intervention results “fed” back into user profiles in a continuous loop, for constant incentive effectiveness enhancement.

Powerful solutions

Proprietary digital health solutions powered by the Somatix platform include:

SmokeBeat™ smoking cessation monitoring

A smoking tracking and monitoring solution enabling improved user compliance and adherence with prescribed cessation therapies, for optimal treatment efficacy; can potentially be applied to treat additional addictions.

SafeBeing™ elderly care assistance

A solution contributing to enhanced well-being of elderly individuals via monitoring of their ADL (Activities of Daily Living), identification of any sign of deterioration in their health, and provision of assistance in emergency situations.


Somatix is driven by a seasoned executive team of renowned professionals with many years of experience in technology and global business management. We have a proven track record delivering state-of-the-art solutions that dramatically transform and improve people’s lives.
  • Eran Ofir
    CEO & Co-founder
  • Uri Schatzberg
    CTO & Co-founder
  • Guy Sheffer
    VP R&D
  • Hanan Cohen
    VP Operations & Delivery
  • Ruthie Weitz-Leopold
    VP Product & Marketing

Media coverage

The Somatix platform’s innovative approach, driven by growing interest in digital health, has been quick to draw the attention of news media outlets, including:


Press release

  • November 6, 2017

    Smoking Cessation Monitoring and Notification Solution by Somatix Show Positive Clinical Test Results

    Pilot study conducted by Tel Aviv University School of Psychological Sciences suggests automatic monitoring of smoking episodes and alerting the smoker in real-time may facilitate smoking reduction in motivated smokers

  • July 25, 2017

    Somatix Closed Series A Financing Round of $6 Million

    The developer of Somatix BMD™ (Body Motion Data) Management platform, enabling body motion detection, tracking, analysis and management, for alert- and incentive-based health and wellbeing enhancement.