The overall size of the healthcare market and the scope of expenditures associated with it are heavily driven by a constant rise in population size, ever-increasing lifespan, a massive and continuous surge in medical research, and ongoing enhancement and diversification of healthcare services.

Organizations directly engaged with healthcare – employers, health insurance companies, clinics, elderly care facilities and more – are in hot pursuit of new solutions that can help them keep expenses down without compromising healthcare quality. The key requirement is to care rather than cure, with the biggest challenge being the need to aggregate and precisely analyze healthcare-centric Big Data.

It is exactly this challenge that the Somatix BMD™ (Body Motion Data) platform addresses. Somatix BMD, an end-to-end platform enabling body motion detection, analysis and management, is based on the realization that precision tracking of body motion, and specifically hand gestures, is the key to determining, sorting through and comprehending lifestyle indicators that can impact a person’s physical and emotional states. It allows organizations to remotely maintain continuous, bi-directional contact with those under their care, monitoring, filtering and examining massive volumes of motion data in real time. Utilizing sensors built into a range of wearables, including smartwatches, smartbands and other connected IoT devices, the Somatix platform can determine how many times a day smokers raise their hands up to their mouths, detect elderly people abandoning much-needed walks, and much, much more. It employs cloud-based adaptive algorithms, Big Data analytics and behavior modification-driven machine learning to ultimately produce actionable alerts and insights on physiological and even emotional states, and deliver real time incentives for health and well-being enhancement via a range of Somatix digital health solutions.

Key features & benefits

  • Precision body motion data detection

    (patent pending) with unparalleled flexibility and accuracy.

  • Advanced predictive analytics

    constant referencing of prior detections and insights enables identification of any motion variance, and even prediction of probable user activities.

  • True real-time operation

    instantaneous awareness of body motions, and particularly hand gestures, as healthcare and well-being indicators.

  • SERF™ (Social, Emotional, Rational and Financial) incentives

    real-time intervention with a range of CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) principle-based motivators, coupled with looped machine learning, for effective behavior modification, and continuous enhancement of treatment efficacy.


Somatix is driven by a seasoned executive team of renowned professionals with many years of experience in technology and global business management. We have a proven track record delivering state-of-the-art solutions that dramatically transform and improve people’s lives.
  • Eran Ofir
    CEO & Co-founder
  • Uri Schatzberg
    CTO & Co-founder
  • Guy Sheffer
    VP R&D
  • Hanan Cohen
    VP Operations & Delivery
  • Ruthie Weitz-Leopold
    VP Product & Marketing