Body motion data management

The Somatix BMD (Body Motion Data) platform enables precise tracking of a range of body motion patterns – all of which are analyzed for positive or negative impact on health and well-being – and helps effectively mitigate any undesired indicators.

This is the first offering of its kind capable of deriving physical and emotional symptoms from simple hand gestures, rather than requiring them to be manually recorded. Utilizing sensors built into a range of wearables, such as smartwatches, smartbands and other connected IoT devices, the Somatix platform allows organizations to remotely maintain continuous, bi-directional contact with those under their care. It tracks, filters and examines massive volumes of motion data in real time, and employs cloud-based machine learning algorithms to produce insights on physiological and even emotional states.

The platform ultimately generates alerts granting complete real-time health and well-being visibility, and can be used to trigger applicable incentives, so as to help individuals improve adherence and compliance with treatment objectives.

Key Somatix BMD management platform operational cycle stages

Information gathering

Wearable-embedded sensors are constantly monitored to identify, extract and upload determined motion data to the cloud, then correlate it with user-specific information.

Big Data structuring
& pattern recognition

Motion data is structured (i.e. what, when, where, why, with whom and how often a gesture is made) and subjected to adaptive machine learning for accurate identification of significant behavior patterns.

Analytical methods
& insight generation

The information acquired is subjected to detailed analysis and cross-referenced with the user’s profile, location and activities history, for generation of relevant conclusions and insights.


Insights are translated to actionable CBT principle-based recommendations, with Somatix’s proprietary SERF (Social, Emotional, Rational and Financial) engine issuing varying personalized incentives.

“Rinse & repeat”

Behavior modifications are measured and intervention results “fed” back into user profiles in a continuous loop, for constant incentive effectiveness enhancement.
  • Information gathering

    Somatix utilizes sensors embedded in smartwatches, smartbands and other connected IoT devices – including accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, heartrate sensor, galvanic skin response, skin temperature and GPS location – to monitor and identify a range of body motions, and specifically hand gestures. The platform uniquely leverages proprietary software in off-the-shelf commercial wearables to filter, extract and transmit relevant motion data only (roughly half a million out of many millions of daily per-user motion data records) to the cloud, for further processing. It ultimately correlates this data with additional pertinent user information, such as calendar appointments, contacts, social media posts and more.

  • Big Data structuring & pattern recognition

    Once uploaded to the cloud, motion data is structured as per a range of parameters (i.e. what, when, where, why, with whom and at what frequency a gesture was made). It is then subjected to Somatix’s continuously adaptive machine learning, enabling the platform to accurately identify significant behavior patterns (as in the very first action taken by particular elderly person every morning, for example).

  • Analytical analysis & insight generation

    The Somatix BMD management platform next performs detailed analysis, and cross-references the information acquired with the monitored individual’s profile and history, following which it produces relevant conclusions and insights.

  • Intervention

    Insights are translated to actionable CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) principle-based recommendations, with the platform utilizing Somatix’s proprietary SERF™ (Social, Emotional, Rational and Financial) engine to issue varying combinations of personalized incentives.

  • “Rinse & repeat”

    The platform operates in a continuous loop, measuring behavioral modifications and “feeding” incentive results back into the profile of the specific individual being monitored and cared for on an ongoing basis, so as to constantly enhance incentive effectiveness.

Powerful solutions

Proprietary digital health solutions powered by the Somatix platform include:

SmokeBeat™ smoking cessation monitoring

A smoking tracking and monitoring solution enabling improved user compliance and adherence with prescribed cessation therapies, for optimal treatment efficacy; can potentially be applied to treat additional addictions.

SafeBeing™ elderly care assistance

A solution contributing to enhanced well-being of elderly individuals via monitoring of their ADL (Activities of Daily Living), identification of any sign of deterioration in their health, and provision of assistance in emergency situations.