To care for is better
(and more cost effective)
than to cure…
and Somatix has just
the solution for you!

SmokeBeat, our innovative smoking cessation monitoring solution,
offers the following key advantages:

  • Completely passive monitoring that does not require smokers to manually record smoking habits
  • Full visibility
    of ongoing treatment adherence and efficacy
  • Predictive analytics
    that help recognize smoking patterns, and even anticipate smoking episodes
  • Real-time intervention
    with variable combinations of CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) driven intervention

If you are…

Providers / clinics

Required to maintain the highest healthcare standards and treatment efficacy, and ensure long-term smoking cessation

Employee benefit
program operators

Challenged to prove the cost-effectiveness of programs for smoking employees costing your company more than 6 $K annually

Payors / health
insurance companies

Suffering from profitability erosion due to mounting healthcare expense reimbursements, and required to both modernize processes and reduce costs

We can help you!

  • Deliver high treatment efficacy, with a clinically proven smoking cessation platform.
  • Provide your clinicians with ongoing real-time awareness of patient adherence with prescribed cessation treatments.
  • Grant your patients full visibility, and improved comprehension and control over their smoking habits.
  • Make it easy for your employees to quit smoking for good, by providing the continuous support they need via ongoing motivational intervention.
  • Enable your healthcare providers of choice to remotely track and monitor treatment progress and success.
  • Achieve significant cost savings by eliminating excess smoking employee-related healthcare expenses.
  • Offer your customers the continuous support and ongoing motivational interventions they need to quit smoking more easily.
  • Achieve cost savings by reducing excess smoking customer-related healthcare expenses.
  • Demonstrate high innovation and reap the competitive benefits of dynamically priced personalized health insurance plans.