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Somatix™ is a software company, a provider of Management platform, designed to support preventative and rehabilitative healthcare and wellbeing enhancement.

Somatix’s innovative Management platform enables physical and emotional symptoms to be recognized from the simplest hand gestures. Utilizing data received from sensors built into wearables, including standard smartwatches and smartbands, the Somatix platform allows organizations to remotely maintain continuous, bi-directional contact with those under care. It tracks, filters and examines vast volumes of motion data in real-time, and employs cloud-based machine learning and adaptive algorithms to produce insights on physiological and emotional states.

In addition, Somatix’s platform provides alerts granting real-time health and wellbeing visibility, and can be used to trigger incentives, to help individuals improve adherence and compliance with treatment objectives.

Targeting organizations with clear financial interest in maintaining high employee, customer and patient healthcare levels, Somatix’s mission is to develop and market groundbreaking technology enabling true comprehension of limb gestures as indicators of personal, physiological and emotional state.

The Somatix Management platform offers applications such as:

Treatment effectiveness monitoring

tracking and improving treatment compliance of individuals with addictions like smoking, alcohol consumption and eating disorders

Elderly care

monitoring of elderly individuals’ wellbeing, identification of any sign of deterioration in their health, and provision of assistance in emergency situations

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