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Hand gestures -
the key to understanding
physical and emotional

The Somatix platform is the first offering of its kind, enabling completely passive remote patient monitoring (RPM) of users’ health and wellbeing using our unique gesture detection technology.

Other remote monitoring solutions require the installation of expensive and invasive hardware or sensors in users’ residences, manual data logging, the operation of several devices, and/or other changes to users’ daily routines, leading to incomplete datasets and lackluster adherence.

The Somatix solution is capable of passive monitoring by automatically detecting gesture motions from a commercial, off-the-shelf smartwatch or the Somatix Smartband. Our platform does not require any sensor installations, technicians, or manual data entry, enabling a more effective and insightful remote monitoring experience.

Somatix at Work

  • Passive monitoring via gesture detection

    Gestures are monitored passively via wearable sensors, with relevant gesture data extracted and delivered seamlessly to the cloud, requiring no manual data entry.

  • Pattern recognition with AI and Machine Learning

    Gesture data is structured around what, when, where, why and at what rate an action is taken. This data is subject to continuously adaptive machine learning, enabling precise recognition of behavior patterns and abnormalities associated with a range of physiological states.

  • Analysis & insight generation via Caregiver Dashboard and Mobile App

    Various data points are collected, analyzed and cross referenced to develop actionable clinical insights around potential risk factors for adverse events such as poor medical compliance, inactivity, falls, and dehydration.

  • Real-time health intervention via statistics, alerts and reminders

    Statistics, alerts and reminders are provided around a range of behaviors and activities, ultimately helping to increase adherence with treatment objectives, enhance individuals’ and caretaker interventions

  • Continual data feedback loop

    The Somatix platform feeds gesture data, statistics and insights in a continual loop back into users profiles to support care planning, treatment and rehabilitation adherence.

Powerful solutions

Groundbreaking digital health solutions powered by the Somatix platform include:

SmokeBeat™ smoking cessation monitoring

A passive smoking monitoring solution enabling real-time incentive-assisted intervention, for improved adherence with prescribed cessation therapies and optimal treatment impact.

SafeBeing™ Senior remote patient monitoring

A solution enabling passive remote monitoring of seniors ADL (Activities of Daily Living) for immediate identification of any sign of irregularities in their routine, and provision of assistance in emergency situations.