Hand gestures -
the key to understanding
physical and emotional

The Somatix real-time gesture detection platform is the first offering of its kind capable of deriving physical and emotional symptoms, without requiring manual data recording. Utilizing sensors built into smartwatches, smartbands and connected IoT devices, it tracks, filters and examines massive volumes of gesture data in real time, with cloud-based machine learning enabling precision recognition and mitigation of undesired physiological and emotional indicators.

The Somatix platform allows organizations to remotely observe and maintain continuous, bi-directional contact with those under their care. It passively monitors gestures indicating undesired behavior patterns, or negative physiological or emotional symptoms, to trigger real-time alerts enabling immediate health intervention. The platform can then be used to issue variable combinations of personalized CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) incentives, ultimately helping to increase adherence with treatment objectives, enhance individuals’ wellbeing and improve people’s lives.

Somatix at Work

Passive monitoring

Big Data structuring &
pattern recognition

Analytical processing &
insight generation

health intervention

Rinse & repeat

  • Passive monitoring

    Wearable-embedded sensors – including accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, heartrate sensor, galvanic skin response, skin temperature and GPS location – are used to passively monitor and detect a range of gestures. The Somatix platform filters, extracts and transmits relevant gesture data only (roughly half a million out of many millions of daily per-user gesture records) to the cloud for further processing, without requiring manual information recording. It ultimately correlates this data with user-specific information, such as calendar appointments, contacts, social media posts and more.

  • Big Data structuring & pattern recognition

    Once uploaded to the cloud, gesture data is structured as per a range of parameters (i.e. what, when, where, why and at what frequency a specific action is taken). This data is subjected to continuously adaptive machine learning, enabling precision recognition of significant behavior patterns (as in the very first action taken by a particular elderly person every morning, for example).

  • Analytical analysis & insight generation

    Next up is detailed analysis and cross-referencing of all the information acquired with a monitored individual’s profile and activity history, following which the Somatix platform produces relevant conclusions and insights.

  • Real-time health intervention

    Insights are translated to actionable CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) principle-based recommendations, with the proprietary Somatix SERF™ (Social, Emotional, Rational and Financial) engine issuing variable combinations of personalized incentives.

  • Rinse & repeat

    Operating in a continuous loop, the Somatix platform measures behavioral modifications and feeds incentive results back into the profile of the specific individual being monitored and cared for, to constantly enhance incentive effectiveness.

Powerful solutions

Groundbreaking digital health solutions powered by the Somatix platform include:

SmokeBeat™ smoking cessation monitoring

A passive smoking monitoring solution enabling real-time incentive-assisted intervention, for improved adherence with prescribed cessation therapies and optimal treatment impact.

SafeBeing™ Elderly wellbeing monitoring

A solution enabling passive remote monitoring of elderly’s ADL (Activities of Daily Living) for immediate identification of any sign of irregularities in their routine, and provision of assistance in emergency situations.