April 30, 2018
Welcome to our new blog!

As an innovative company with novel solutions, we feel obliged to be creative, to deliver intriguing, beneficial content and to provide you with informative points of view about the Digital Health space.

Focused on how to help increase treatment adherence and improve people’s lives, we will invest in studying the trends that define Digital Health in the future and how these will impact our lives.

The introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the way we live. It has been the primary driver of the emerging Digital Health field. The IoT revolution utilizes devices, applications and data to seamlessly and securely connect patients with caregivers. It empowers us, the people, to obtain stronger control over our wellbeing as much as over our illnesses. And in the future, it will redefine relationships, increase treatment efficiency and will enable healthcare providers to collect, integrate and interpret health data into meaningful actions that go beyond the occasional visits to the doctor for an urgent need.

We believe that new technological advantages will provide the grounds for building new healthcare models for preventive care, in which the caregiver concentrates on caring rather than curing. Healthcare professionals will be supported by sophisticated algorithms that analyze agreggated data from hospital records and personal data, generating new deeper insights to deliver personalized healthcare.

In this blog we will track and highlight best practices of this new era. We will share with you what we read, hear and learn. We will discuss ideas as well as success stories. We will try to be a small, but significant source of information for you.

Posted by: Uri Schatzberg, Somatix CTO & co-founder