SmokeBeat is an innovative smoking cessation monitoring solution that works with wearables (e.g. smartwatches and smartbands) to identify and differentiate smoking from other hand-to-mouth gestures (i.e. eating, drinking, shaving, teeth brushing and others).

Powered by the Somatix™ BMD™ platform and its core technology, SmokeBeat features outstanding raw data collection capabilities, leveraging wearable accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, and applying Big Data analysis and predictive analytics to generate and deliver actionable insights to both users and healthcare providers, via a customizable dashboard.

Key SmokeBeat features and benefits:

  • Social-driven motivation and support

    Correlates smoking data with that of peers of choice in users’ social circles, effectively creating a virtual support community for information exchange and mutual encouragement.

  • SERF™ (Social, Emotional, Rational and Financial) incentive engine

    A proprietary Somatix behavior modification mechanism involving delivery and measurement of individuals’ responses to varying levels and types of incentives, and establishment of psychological user profiles as a means of enhancing prescribed treatment efficacy; enables health insurance providers to further incentivize smokers with dynamically priced insurance plans.

  • Full transparency

    Delivers information-rich statistics on smoking routines, including number of cigarettes consumed, smoking time of day and location, long-term impact on health, financial costs and more.

  • Predictive analytics

    Leverages Big Data analysis to correlate smoking gestures with additional relevant information, so as to determine smoking patterns, predict when smoking is likely to happen, trigger alerts and issue a range of incentives to prevent this.

  • Treatment status notifications

    Provides physicians, clinics and other health service providers, as well as payors (health insurance companies) and smokers themselves with complete, ongoing awareness of treatment success as per predefined goals.

  • Real-time CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) principle-based intervention

    Provides smokers with the right support information – reminders, probes, coping tactics and more – at just the right time; performs ongoing effectiveness assessment for treatments tailored specifically to individual smokers.

  • Automated monitoring

    SmokeBeat is the only solution of its kind that does not require smokers to manually record their smoking habits. It automatically detects smoking gestures, enabling clinicians to follow up on and enhance compliance and adherence with smoking cessation treatment.

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SafeBeing is designed specifically to address the needs of an elderly community constantly growing due to increased population size and lifespan. This innovative Somatix BMD solution enables remote monitoring of elderly people’s ADL (Activities of Daily Living), routines with which they typically require no assistance, such as eating, drinking, dressing, walking and continence. It immediately detects any variation in the hand gestures associated with these activities, and instantaneously alerts caregivers on any irregularity.

The solution requires no changes in users’ routines, nor does it necessitate cameras or other sensors to be deployed in their daily environments. A simple waterproof wristband with a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope is all it needs for raw data collection, Big Data analysis and automated delivery of predictions and insights to users and caregivers alike.

Sudden falls, immobility, sleep irregularities, missed meals or low liquid consumption – SafeBeing detects and reports them all immediately, granting elderlies full independence, and their caregivers and relatives complete peace of mind.

Key SafeBeing features and benefits:

  • High ease of use

    Requires no special knowledge or skills to install and use.

  • Alerting and notifications

    Issues real-time alerts to provide caregivers with immediate awareness of any change in behavior.

  • Full transparency

    Delivers information-rich statistics on a range of behavior indicators (bed stays, bathroom, door and window use, and other activities) for ongoing validation of elderly people’s overall well-being.

  • Automated monitoring

    Allows caregivers to monitor and identify any abnormalities in elderly people’s daily routine – via a simple smart wristband – and maintain ongoing visibility of users’ well-being.

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