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We help skilled and long-term care
communities monitor seniors, with
proven value to:

  • Reduce readmissions
  • Create new revenue streams from CPT codes
  • Improve clinical outcomes
  • Increase resident safety

Learn how SafeBeing can benefit your community


AI-Powered Remote Patient Monitoring For Seniors

We monitor seniors’ condition and safety using unique, wearable-enabled gesture detection to yield powerful clinical insights and predictive analytics.

We measure and analyze

  • Walking
  • Sleeping
  • Falling
  • Drinking
  • Medication
    intake *
  • Smoking
  • Emergency button
  • Activity Levels
  • Wandering
  • Heart Rate *
  • SpO2 *
  • UTI Risk
  • Pressure Sore Risk
  • Readmission Risk

Review alerts, insights and reports on our easy-to-use cloud-based Dashboard

Easily identify and resolve emergencies triggered by our real-time fall detection, wandering detection, or help button.
Set safe zones and receive real-time wandering alerts and location analysis through GPS-based geofencing.
24x7 tracking of activity levels and intensity, with advanced detection of changes from normal activity patterns. Our machine learning-based activity analysis is highly predictive of changes in condition and falls.
A robust analysis of sleep patterns, including quality and quantity. Set alerts for events like high daytime somnolence or restlessness.
We identify ADLs and analyze patterns over time to predict indicators for falls, UTIs, hospitalizations, and more.
Access dynamic weekly reports summarizing the main insights.
SafeBeing caregiver app
For staff to access insights and alerts on-the-go and family to check in with their loved ones.
SafeBeing resident smartband
Where all the magic happens
Long battery life:
4-6 days
Memory storage
for full day
Emergency button
Interactive LEDs
and vibrations

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