Investigator Initiated Studies -
Clinical Research

At Somatix, we believe in the power of innovating AI technologies to provide insights that empower people to thrive in their health and wellness. As part of our commitment to address unmet needs of our users, enhance our algorithms in real world settings, and complement internally generated research, Somatix believes in the need to support ethical independent research conducted by qualified investigators.

Too often patient reported data is unreliable and incomplete. Somatix's SafeBeing™ smartband offers patented gesture detection for passive metabolic data capture, enhanced with AI, and transmitted directly to the healthcare/research teams.

Commitment can either be monetary funding for internal use at Somatix and/or independent study completion utilizing our gesture detection technology. We invite interested investigators to submit their project proposals by utilizing the Contact Us link. Someone from our team will reach out to discuss your specific requirements and areas of need.

Main Areas of Interest