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SmokeBeat™ smoking cessation monitoring

What is SmokeBeat

SmokeBeat is an innovative smoking cessation passive monitoring solution that taps into smartwatch and smartband accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, among others, to identify and distinguish smoking from other hand-to-mouth gestures.

Powered by the Somatix real-time gesture detection platform, SmokeBeat features outstanding passive raw data collection capabilities, with Big Data analysis and predictive analytics applied to generate and issue actionable insights to healthcare providers and users alike, via a customizable dashboard.

The solution leverages the Somatix platform’s proprietary SERF™ (Social, Emotional, Rational and Financial) motivation engine to help deliver variable combinations of personalized CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) incentives that bear real impact on negative smoking patterns, and increase smoking cessation treatment adherence and effectiveness.

Key SmokeBeat benefits:

  • Completely passive monitoring

    The only solution of its kind that does not require smokers to manually record their smoking habits. SmokeBeat automatically detects smoking gestures, enabling clinicians to passively monitor, follow up on and enhance smoker adherence with prescribed cessation treatments.

  • Social-driven motivation and support

    Correlates smoking data with that of peers of choice in users’ social circles, effectively creating a virtual support community for information exchange and mutual encouragement.

  • High visibility of treatment efficiency

    Notifications provide physicians, clinics and other health service providers, as well as payors (health insurance companies) and smokers themselves with complete, ongoing awareness of treatment success vs. predefined goals.

  • Real impact on negative behavior

    Employs predictive analytics to anticipate smoking episodes, and the SERF™ (Social, Emotional, Rational and Financial) motivation engine to help intervene in real time and prevent them with variable combinations of personalized CBT incentives. Smoker responses to incentives are measured and recorded continuously, to further improve treatment effectiveness.

  • Full transparency

    Delivers information-rich statistics on smoking routines, including number of cigarettes consumed, smoking time of day and location, long-term impact on health, financial costs and more.