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SafeBeing ™ Remote Patient Monitoring

What is SafeBeing

SafeBeing is a real-time Remote Monitoring solution that enables caregivers to passively detect changes in conditions, reduce hospitalizations, and improve on quality metrics. Using a simple, waterproof smartband with built-in sensors, SafeBeing tracks users’ Activities of Daily Living using novel gesture-detection algorithms and provides insights and predictive analytics around them including sleep quality, fall risk, fall detection, drinking/hydration, activity patterns, wandering, UTI risk and more.


By monitoring users’ activities 24×7 with SafeBeing, a wide range of insights can be detected based on variations in activity patterns, and appropriate alerts and notifications may be triggered to caregivers and family.


SafeBeing grants seniors and discharged patients independence, and grants their caregivers and relatives complete peace of mind.

SafeBeing Caregiver Dashboard

Key SafeBeing benefits:

  • Completely remote passive monitoring

    Easily monitors and detects activities of daily living and routines beyond the confines of home without requiring manual logging, and contributes to your freedom to age in place.

  • Detailed Statistics

    Provides information-rich statistics on a range of physiological metrics delivering continuous validation of individuals’overall wellbeing.

  • High visibility to potential problems

    Real-time alerts and notifications provide caregivers with immediate awareness of changes in activities of daily living or other irregularities, allowing earlier intervention

  • Easy to use and cost efficient

    Does not require special skills to setup and use. No costly sensors, hardware or cameras required.